Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello party people!!! Or should I say, anyeong ha kye se yo! I am on Jeju Island in Jeju-si (Jeju City. All cities have -si at the end of them, fun fact). I decided to show you some of the trip thus far with photos because let's face it, mama (that's me...) gets a little heavy with the words sometimes and we are living in a new gen (short for generation. Part of me being hip now.) where people's attention spans are shor....HEY IS THAT A BIRD?!!?
This is me at the hospital during my medical exam. The ladies had to wear these stunning pink outfits and the gents had to wear blue. Holla at gender norms! (This is me pretending to be a doctor concentrating on a chart, George Clooney in ER style.)

The Gangnam Subway Station is ALSO A MALL. YEAH. At first I was annoyed ("must we consume EVERYWHERE?!) but then I became entranced and bought some socks. My will is weak, what can I say. Also fun fact about the subway: when it's about to arrive, either triumphant trumpet music OR the rocky theme song plays!!!! dun-na-na, dun-na-na...so pumped up to ride!

This is Lotte Mart which is a huge 5 story store in Jeju. That is not what is cool though. What is cool is that you can take the cart on this sweet Jetsons escalator. And yes, I did feel a little creepy taking this pic.

Seoul, keeping it soo real.

You will notice there is not one BUT TWO conveyor belts here (the yellow part is also a belt, just empty right now...people love the sushi). The top one has an airplane that delivers what you order to your table via zooming!!! I couldn't get over it. I was so excited I ran into a glass door. Seriously. The ladies who worked there had a good laugh.

Little green guy I had to rock out with, obv.

Amber and I found this place while looking for a place to study during our insanely stressful training. Isn't it beautiful? All of the cases have models of architecture. The sun was shining and it was glorious.

Sooo I met some peeps and went out on the town. Here's the thing. In Korea there is no last call. Yeah, wrap your head around that. So I got home at 6am and thought it was like 230, and was for some reason shwasted even though I deliberately tried to pace myself. It was just that it had been like 8 hours!! Da club was still bumpin! #toooldforthisshit #butiloveit (that was my first time using hash-tags, hope it was correct.)

A random room of garlic. Not the first one I've seen here actually.

My bathroom (there is a toilet to the left also, but das it). You will notice that we shower in the actual bathroom as opposed to a separate area known as the shower. It was weird. I felt like I was a 5 year old who was just like, imma make a slip and slide in bathwoom!! But I'm not, there is no other way!

My apartment! The TV came with the place. I don't have any ability to use it so I just use it as a little table. I got a plant! I love him. His name is T-bone.

15th floor, mofos.

My weird bed. I am expecting bedding today or tomorrow in the mail which is good because I have a mattress cover and two sketchy, grossly patterned, vaguely febreze smelling "blankets" that are just a nooo gooo. Side note sheets are $30 here. ?!?!?

I got to see the darling and magnificent Leah for a night on the town!! Sorry it's blurry Leah, I was just so excited!

This is just gold to me. The best part was all of the windows and doors at this DD location were covered in this guy. Yeah. There were multiple.

We bought these on the street thinking they were donuts, but they are actually peanuts with dough fried around them. Pretty tasty.

YUMMMMM so much goodness here.
Me being as Asian as possible (minus peace sign, but something to look forward to).