Saturday, August 28, 2010

Transitional to transnational

(I'm pretty proud of my title, FYI)

Things rolling around in my brain:
I am stoked I have an avenue to output the things rolling around in my brain. I have decided to start writing with little regard for the content, rather go for quantity and then figure out what stays later. My randomness and sick sense of humor and general odd nature needs to come out, I need to stop shushing the freak inside of me. I feel strange because the things that I could count on as coping mechanisms in my life seem out of place currently. Men? Ehhhh. I am in love with Joel and for some reason that is a deterrent (two r's? one r? tempted to google it but FUCK IT) to getting in bed with someone else because I'm lonely and I miss him, which is a conflict with my normal MO which is to get in bed with people in order to cure loneliness and missing. So no men for now. Drinking? Trying to cut back. Pot smoking? Ditto. Ah fuck my life. Eating is still going strong, thank god. My mom has those delicious chocolate cat cookies from Trader Joe's, along with grapes and pizza and a big ass bowl of is no wonder I was an overweight child growing up with Italian woman who just wants to love.

I have been very irritated as of late and I chalk it up to a lot of irritating fucking shit happening. I'm moving, which blows of course, and more blowrific is the fact that I'm moving out of somewhere but not into anywhere else! haha! It's a one-way move to nomadville. Said goodbye to my bed aka my best friend today when we dropped it off at my mom's new house (which is beautiful and a big ass mofo btw! I actually contemplated moving back in until I remembered I'm almost 23...). Side note: I feel if I were a man doing this homeless journey I would be so much less sexually appealing cuz women tend to want dudes with their shit together. But since I am a lady I am "free spirited." Niiiice. Anyhow no house for me. Some ideas for living thus far: hippie commune- "bring your bong over and get to know everybody!". julie's- one bedroom, two cats, endless possibilities for greatness and or varying degrees of stress. storage unit- is that real? big van- it's bellingham and thus totalllly acceptable.

Right now I'm on my mom's couch with her two cats who are curled up next to my legs. God they are precious little creatures. I love me some feline.

A short ode: Kitty meow meow's, you are my pals,
I love your paws o' joy and the way you bat my face with them
I hope you don't notice the string on my hem, cuz you'll grab hold of that mother and pull
and my whole skirt will become null

That's all for tonight. PEACE